Every day, since 1873 we have been celebrating Italian excellence adding thought, research and development to the ingenuity of our hands.

Listen to Clients. Always. Satisfy their requests over time and accept constant challenges. This is what Benetti does, fully aware that the construction of a custom yacht may take years and that during this time the needs of the Owner may change.

With its dedicated team, Benetti can implement modifications while work is already in progress and develop projects in any direction suggested. The constructive, client-oriented approach endorsed by Benetti is a typically Italian added value that is recognised and appreciated the world over.



We listen to all our Clients and offer them impeccable service before, during and after the construction of yachts that are as unique as they are.


Benetti yachts have always been designed and built in compliance with the most stringent international safety standards and satisfy all the environmental and other requirements stipulated by the main Classification and Certification Societies.

But Benetti doesn’t stop at investing in production quality and efficiency.

Our passion for what we do and our desire for perfection also drive us to ensure that production processes are safe for both employees and external collaborators.

The exceptional level of safety of the Azimut Benetti’s production sites is underlined by the BS OH SAS 18001 certification they have been awarded, representing the international standard for a system assuring the health and safety of workers. Azimut Benetti is the first and only large nautical company in the world to have been granted this important recognition in 2011.

Azimut Benetti Group stood out “for its responsible, forward-looking approach, for having created a corporate culture of health and safety and for taking initiatives to prevent accidents”.


Benetti has always been environmentally aware and recognises the importance of researching and developing production innovations that minimise environmental impact.

In 2000, the objective of building eco-sustainable yachts has been transformed into reality with the design of Ambrosia, a megayacht with an electric power unit and an azipod propulsion system.

But it is over the last 10 years that Benetti has done most to confirm its commitment to sustainability.

Over the last decade Benetti has focused on building yachts that minimize environmental impact, introducing solutions at both engineering and operational level that limit the pollution produced by its craft right from the design stage.

In order to prevent air pollution, Benetti not only periodically analyses exhaust fumes, but has also banned the use on board of gases that damage the ozone layer.