The Yachtique Styling Lounge has been created to offer the ultimate interior design service for Azimut Benetti yachts.

It is a unique place where owners, with the help of highly qualified staff, can select every detail of their Yacht’s interior design and decor. Fine fabrics, unique accessories and furniture from the world’s top brands are available and can be previewed using a sophisticated 3D projection system.

Via del Porto, 3 – Viareggio 55049 – Italy
Ph: +39 0584 3801


Loose Furniture

The Yachtique Styling Lounge Loose Furniture line has been created to satisfy Owners’ wide-ranging desires in this category.
From dining tables to chairs and from nightstands to deckchairs, our objects embody the universal values expressed by Azimut Benetti style: quality, attention to detail and beauty.
They are crafted by skilled hands in the finest artisan traditions, uniting form and function in timeless harmony and offering a broad and comprehensive selection to reflect Owners’ diverse tastes.


The purest crystalware, fine porcelain and refined cutlery.
The Yachtique Styling Lounge collection of tableware, created by top international names ranging from Richard Ginori to Hermés and Christofle, represents the finest expression of timeless quality and beauty.
Dressing your table means creating a perfect composition of lights, colours, materials and shapes, to transform every intimate or social occasion into a sublime experience for the senses.


The satisfaction that springs from dressing your own yacht is a pleasure for all the senses.
The softness of fine cashmere invokes tactile pleasure, the sheen of oriental silk indulges your eyes, the unmistakable aroma of buffalo hide enchants your sense of smell…
The selection of leathers and fabrics is a world of pure beauty, perfect in every detail, created by expert hands in the finest tradition.
And to make choosing an even more engaging experience, the Yachtique Styling Lounge offers you the unique opportunity to see, smell and feel every single material for yourself, as well as to choose from infinite combinations of fabrics and colours under the expert guidance of our interior designers.

Decorative accessories

Like the details in masterpieces by great classical artists, the Yachtique Styling Lounge’s decorative accessories enhance settings because they too are masterpieces.
Lalique, L-Object e Robbe&Bercking: behind the brands carefully selected by our interior designers is a world of fine craftsmen, top quality production and timeless style, a combination that amplifies the luxury of the interior and the pleasure of living in it.
The Yachtique Styling Lounge team knows that your style is as unique as the yacht you own, which is why we also offer masterpieces of classical and contemporary art.


After the pleasures of the day you need a good night’s rest.
To make this a perfect moment too, the Yachtique Styling Lounge offers you a fine selection of elegant bedroom and bathroom linens by top luxury designers.
Here the absolute quality of fine linen, soft towelling and snug silk offers moments of pure tactile pleasure.
The opulence of the weaves and the beauty of the designs will arouse your senses like an artist’s painting.

Indoor lighting

With the Yachtique Styling Lounge, light becomes art.
Every lighting proposition brings together exquisite beauty and the most advanced technology.
Every space in your interior will have its own special light, chosen to show it off at its most beautiful.
The Yachtique Styling Lounge offers a rich collection from top names including Kundalini, Castaldi and Swarovski.

Luxury Real Estate & Jets

True luxury knows no bounds.
Today the excellence represented by the Yachtique Styling Lounge extends its style and scope beyond the world of motoryachts and into other luxury segments: exclusive villas and private jets.
Although the spaces, uses and needs are different, our experienced consultants have the expertise and flexibility to interpret clients’ aspirations and present the most appropriate solutions every time.